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"Home Grown From Our Family To Yours"

Who We Are

We are here to bless families, not to become wealthy, but to give back to our communities what God has blessed us with! At C & L Beef Company we offer the Highest Quality Beef for the lowest price possible.  We grew tired of the consumers and the producers being manipulated by the middle man! So we have cut out the middle man!  We sell directly to the consumer!  Grass fed, hormone free, antibiotic free, beef.  Our cattle free forage and roam on our 1,000 acre Ranch just West of Cross Plains, Texas.

Cowboy Boots and Stirrups


What our customers think...

"The best beef in the whole state of Texas. I am so glad we bought from you! All of it, steaks, hamburger and roasts have turned out to be better than "any" meat we have ever purchased from a commercial market. This is no bull. ( no pun intended) The people have got to try you out. Thanks for what you are doing for the public." - Rick Wayne 

"It was so nice meeting y'all yesterday... And your building is so pretty!

We just finished supper... the ground beef was delicious, actually tasted like beef!

And fixed a package of tenderized steak... Rex said that was the best damn steak he's had in a long time! lol Ya'll were so welcoming. We will be buying all our beef from ya'll for sure!!! Thank y'all!" - Deborah Campbell Turner

"Sheila it was so good to meet y'all yesterday. I know it will be worth the drive and look forward to seeing you at least once or twice a month. Thank you for the effort you have put into this and God bless." - Lynda Stephenson Blair

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